Our Pot Plant Trolley

The fabulous Unique Garden Pot Plant Trolley

Whether you want a small pot plant stand for indoors or a huge heavy duty out- door trolley to move your plants safely and smoothly we have the solution. Our standard heavy duty trolly has five wheels, this provides great stability and carrying capacity

We have a great range of sizes to move pot plants up to 185 kg –

Pots measuring

31cm suits

36 cm

41 cm

47 cm

51 cm

58 cm

60 cm

64 cm

76 cm – 7 wheel trolley










Bespoke Models

We can create a solution for you.
By adding more wheels we change the capacity and stability allowing very large models – up to 1 ton!!


Our trollies are designed to be non-obtrusive – their beauty is in their strength and durability, the way they smoothly and easily move your pot. We aim for your pot and plant to be the feature.

How-ever if you want the trolley to show itself off – you may choose to have it powder coated for an additional charge. Minimum order of six of the same colour. Talk to us.

Contact us with your specific requirements

Geoffm@eziprinting.com.au SMS: 0417 708362